Project Goal – Enhance SRH knowledge and skill of Venerable and at risk Adolecsent
and Youth through peer learning.
Project Objective
The overall objective of the programme is to build the capacity of adolescents and youth
aged 10-24 through the provision of quality SRH, HIV, violence and HTPs information
and services. It also seeks to strengthen key duty bearers including government bureaus
youth run- organizations, parents, and community members to respond more
systematically and sustainably to the growing and unmet needs of vulnerable adolescents
and youth of young people in the selected three woredas twon of Tigray .
Project Beneficiaries
Vulnerable and at-risk adolescents and youth between the ages of 10 and 24 years that
includes the most vulnerable in and out-of-school children within the same age category.
Vulnerable persons and at-risk population in this context means those engaged in
domestic work, sex work, seasonal workers (daily labourers), those living with
disabilities, orphans, those on the street, those living with HIV, and survivors of violence.
– 30,000 in school at risk adolescents in 20 High schools in 3 wereda towns
– 900 CSW at 3 hotspot wereda town
– 600 Street Adolescent in three hotspot wereda town
– 3000 seasonal workers in humera
– 200 HIV positive Adolescents in three wereda towns will reached and build
their knowledge and skill on a) how to prevent and protect themselves from HIV/AIDS
and SRH related risks, and b) access and use ASRH services.

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