Project Goal:– To improve living conditions of 500 Cleft affected children
in the target region through treatment
Project Objectives

  • Create awareness among the general population of the intervention
    wereda and hence increase demand for service
  • Create access to service and Improve living condition of Clift affected

Key Project Activities
Organize community wide event
Apart from radio messaging, community wide event will be organize in 12 big
towns of the region to rise awareness level of the community and promote
treatment. Music show, Drama with content on what is Cleft and the available
health service, Q&A among event participants, Leaflet distribution are the
component of the wide events and also sign in registration with referral card that
participants can registered and promise to refer people with cleft problem they
knew in their family or in the community.

Mobilize and treated 500 Clift affected children
Facilitate and enable 500 Clift and pallet patients receive treatment for free in
mekelle hospital and Ayeder Hospital


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