Organization for Social Services, Health and Development (OSSHD), by its former name OSSA was formally start its mission in Tigray in 1994 to combat the spread of HIV and AIDS and alongside to provide care and support services for those people who were infected and affected by the virus. The organization was established by the coalition of different organizations known as the Ministry of Health; well know religious organizations (both Christian and Muslim) and some of the humanitarian organizations which were operating in Ethiopia by that time.

Since 2016 OSSHD began to focus on the diverse interests of the Ethiopian people through the introduction of more programmatic areas such as SRH, Gender development, (WaSH), Youth and Harm reduction, NTDs and WASH, livelihood for Youth and women.

Target People

OSSHD is dedicated to provide holistic Social, Health and Developmental services to all people who need support and services. However, it has been mainly focusing on the following community target groups.

  • Vulnerable Children and Adolescents
  • Youth in school with special attention to SRH development and prevention of GBV
  • Youth development: As Ethiopia is youth populated country and youth development and economic starnegathen will be a core buisness to reduce the vernarability of youth to diffrent social and economic problames including migaration
  • PLHIVs with special attention to economic support and treatment
  • Women and girls with special attention to returnees and CSW


 OSSHD aspires to see healthy, HIV/AIDS-free and self-reliant society in Ethiopia


OSSHD is committed to ensure high quality social services to improve the livelihood of the vulnerable youth, women and children through community based integrated SRH and environmental health and self-reliance interventions through

  • Access and use: Vulnerable Children and Adolescents, Youth in school, Youth out of school, PLHIVs, Women and girls gain access to the holistic Social, Health and Developmental services.
  • Equity and Inclusion: Vulnerable Children and Adolescents, Youth in school, Youth out of school, PLHIVs, Women and girls are identified and preferentially supported.
  • Engagement: Increase the engagement of potential stakeholders which include the communities, media, civil society’s organizations, faith based organizations, women and young people, donor communities and implementing partners to become active players.
  • Institutional Sustainability: – Improve and maintain institutional sustainability through effective capacity building and resource mobilization strategy.
  • Growth and Expansion: Diversify programs with different sets of activities and the related investment portfolios and widen the scope of service to address more people.

Core Values

Organizational values influence the culture and uses to build the public image of OSSHD as an effective community-based organization serving a wide variety of individuals, families and communities. These core values include:

  • Trust and Transparency
  • Respectfulness and Diversity with caring attitude
  • Responsibility and Accountability based on Partnership
  • Excellence and Innovation
  • Volunteerism